MERV 11 air filters mean breathing
the best air in your home!

Take the hassle out of buying air filters for your home and get
our custom carbon-backed MERV 11 filters delivered in any size
directly to your front door, shipped for free

MERV 11 Air Filters

Plus Activated Carbon

MERV 11 air filters are trusted by hospital laboratories, universities, and everywhere higher efficiency air filtration is desired.

But we didn't stop there. By adding a layer of activated carbon, our filter traps the odors, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that other filters can't.

Filters Optimized for Air Flow

Optimized Pleats
for Better Air Flow

A filter with too few or poorly spaced pleats doesn't provide enough filter area for adequate air flow. Having too many pleats can also reduce air flow. This happens when air pressure makes pleats unstable, causing them to overlap and create air flow blockages.

TRU filter’s pleats are optimally spaced and metal reinforced to provide ideal air flow and superior pleat stability. Plus, our rigid filter frames and diagonal grid offers maximum strength.

MERV 11 Filters Trap Airborne Particles

High-loft Media for up
to 90% Efficiency

Rather than compressed paper, TRU uses a specialized high-loft filter media to increase efficiency. This thicker material has the ability to intercept and trap a higher percentage of harmful particles. The result is up to 90% filter efficiency while maintaining proper air flow.

TRU filter media does not contain dyes or chemical coatings.


Finally a subscription service that delivers MERV 11 air filters at one easy price when it's time to replace them. Get the best air filters in the size you need delivered right to your front door.

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Finally a subscription service for the best air filters at one easy price. Get the size you need delivered right to your front door when it's time to replace them.

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