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Tru Filtered Air Named "Best Air Quality" Air Filter Subscription Service by Better Homes and Gardens

Tru Filtered Air is proud to announce that it has been recognized as offering the "Best Air Quality" by Better Homes and Gardens in their "Best Air Filter Subscription Services of 2023" website article. The website lauds Tru Filtered Air for providing customers with “elevated protection and quality” in an air filter.

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The Spruce Names Tru Filtered Air One of the "Best Air Filter Subscriptions of 2023"

The Spruce home improvement website has recognized Tru Filtered Air as providing the best furnace air filter subscription for "Allergies and Asthma" in 2023. The website commends Tru Filtered Air for offering activated carbon-backed MERV 11 filters, which effectively capture odors, gases, and volatile organic compounds.

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Tru Filtered Air's Filter Subscription Named "Best for Allergies" by Bob Vila

Bob Vila, star of shows like This Old House and Bob Vila’s Home Again, chose Tru Filtered Air for the best air filters for allergies in its "The Best Air Filter Subscription Services of 2023" feature. The article points out that the Tru filter is of "high quality and crafted to offer some of the best residential performance on the market."

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In Business Magazine Features Tru Filtered Air

Tru Filtered Air was featured on the In Business Magazine for Greater Phoenix website for its innovative subscription-based air filter company. The piece highlights the founders' mission to improve health and quality of life by delivering medical-grade air filters right to customers' doorsteps.

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ABC15 Spotlights Company's Game-Changing Air Filters

ABC15 featured Phoenix-based Tru Filtered Air, showcasing the company's innovative air filters in an engaging article and video interview with the founders. The coverage highlights Tru Filters' ability to remove harmful bacteria and airborne particles, promoting better health, sleep, and energy levels for homeowners.

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